Helpful Information for Our Customers

A. Pick Up Info: Normal pick up time is around a half hour. It could reach between a half an hour to an hour at our busiest times.

B. There are no deliveries a half an hour before close.

C. Crust Styles: 75% of our pizza’s are made on our handtossed crust. We also make a thin, thick, super thick and double decker style crusts.
Note: Two pizza’s on the menu are served on a thick crust, The Garden and Gale’s Spinach.

D. We are also closed the 1st full week of July (Mon-Mon), Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

E. We do not accept online orders. Please call (262) 641-5490 to place your order or visit our location. We love talking to our customers!

F. We accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and Cash payments only.